There’s more to a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’ than meets the eye

Beautiful, tactile, useful and fun


Old age and all sorts of ‘orrible illnesses and  co-morbidities haven’t, over 20+ years of trading, stopped us from selling our wares at craft shows up and down the country. Covid-19 has succeeded in doing so, at least for the time being.

The Venues page on this website is, in many ways, a wish list! We hope that some shows later in the year will take place but ….. who knows? Please contact us either through this website or on 07745168896 to check if an event is on. 

We are still making boxes and castles and hope that you will consider buying them through this website, since you won’t be able to do so at the shows for some time.

The Price List (click on the left image) is a useful introduction to the range of boxes we make.

If you would like a castle I am more than happy to send you images of those I have in stock in your price range.  Inscriptions are free.

AFTER you have decided which box or castle you would like, and provided contact and other details,  you can PAY by

Credit/Debit Card – telephone 0115 930 7628.
Bank Transfer – telephone 0115 930 7628 or 07745 168896 for bank details.
Paypal via

Temima Crafts make wooden boxes which are beautiful and tactile on the outside and useful and fun on the inside.

A Box is a box is a box!
Right? ... Wrong!

Not if it’s a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’
There’s so much more to a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’ than meets the eye.

Check out the short ‘Bandsaw Box in One Minute’, video on this page to see what we mean. Explore our site and be introduced to the full range of 'Bloomin' Clever Boxes'.
Beautiful, tactile, useful and fun.

Ray and Kathy sell their work at quality craft shows up and down the country. Alternatively get in touch for details on how to make a purchase. See our venues page for more details.

View the pricelist. of our most popular designs here.

Bloomin’ Clever Boxes

A Box is a box is a box! Right? ... Wrong! Not if it’s a ‘Bloomin’ Clever Box’

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Vanishing Castles

An unprepossessing bit of wood is, with a flick of the wrist, transformed into a fairy-tale castle.

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Temima Crafts Show Dates
We attend various craft shows around the UK.

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“I would like to thank you for making this box for me. Your service has been exemplary, the cost of the item including p&p was just right and the finished item is simple and beautiful. This bespoke, handcrafted gift is just so special. My dad will be delighted with it”

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