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Bloomin' Clever Boxes

Despite appearances they are not puzzle boxes, although people who like puzzle or ‘magic’ boxes often buy them. They are actually designed to put things in, not to keep people out! They can be used for small objects such as jewellery, keepsakes etc. or as a source of interest and fun.



The ‘Heart’ Box’ from Temima is – 

A Box for all Occasions; Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 5th Wedding Anniversary – wood.

What better way can you think to convey your love than giving the object of your love and admiration an exquisitely made, authentic, wooden box – with or without a little something ‘extra’ inside.

Made from stunning ‘Figured Ash’ these 4″ x 4″ x 3″ boxes are beautiful, tactile, useful and fun.

Temima- another word for integrity and originality.